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First step of charcell LCD code rework: * Make it fully unicode aware so that adding non-ISO8859-1 scripts becomes possible (limited by the LCD capabilities of course). * Make the API more similar to the bitmap LCD code's API. * Moved hardware dependent parts to target tree. * Simplified code. * Jumpscroll temporarily non-functional.
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@@ -661,7 +661,7 @@ EOF
# toolset is the tools within the tools directory that we build for
# this particular target.
- toolset="$toolset scramble descramble sh2d generate_rocklatin uclpack"
+ toolset="$toolset scramble descramble sh2d uclpack"
# Note: the convbdf is present in the toolset just because: 1) the
# firmware/Makefile assumes it is present always, and 2) we will need it when we