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authorJens Arnold <>2008-03-24 00:35:53 +0000
committerJens Arnold <>2008-03-24 00:35:53 +0000
commit68a21689aef3a81335456476d4d10860ef5bc6b3 (patch)
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parent99c0978faa94b0e2fabe5d06000a10c8d48e7a0c (diff)
Consistent naming scheme the various blit functions. * Removed lcd_blit_mono() for colour targets. Plugin API became incompatible, so sort, clean up & bump. * Implemented lcd_blit_mono() for M3.
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diff --git a/uisimulator/sdl/lcd-bitmap.c b/uisimulator/sdl/lcd-bitmap.c
index fa3e5d2b0d..bc9e56732f 100644
--- a/uisimulator/sdl/lcd-bitmap.c
+++ b/uisimulator/sdl/lcd-bitmap.c
@@ -193,9 +193,9 @@ void lcd_yuv_set_options(unsigned options)
-/* Draw a partial YUV colour bitmap - similiar behavior to lcd_yuv_blit
+/* Draw a partial YUV colour bitmap - similiar behavior to lcd_blit_yuv
in the core */
-void lcd_yuv_blit(unsigned char * const src[3],
+void lcd_blit_yuv(unsigned char * const src[3],
int src_x, int src_y, int stride,
int x, int y, int width, int height)