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authorMichael Sevakis <>2009-01-08 10:15:32 +0000
committerMichael Sevakis <>2009-01-08 10:15:32 +0000
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Clean up panicf and introduce system_exception_wait to do further target tasks and wait for a button when an unrecoverable error has occurred (panic, UIE, etc.). Returning from that function should reboot or don't return from it. Move UIE and __div0 for ARM to its own file.
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diff --git a/uisimulator/common/stubs.c b/uisimulator/common/stubs.c
index f50425b494..12b6f293a4 100644
--- a/uisimulator/common/stubs.c
+++ b/uisimulator/common/stubs.c
@@ -340,6 +340,16 @@ void touchpad_set_sensitivity(int level)
+void system_exception_wait(void)
+ while(1);
+void system_reboot(void)
+ while(1);
/* assure an unused place to direct virtual pointers to */
#define VIRT_SIZE 0xFFFF /* more than enough for our string ID range */
unsigned char vp_dummy[VIRT_SIZE];