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Initial (untested) attempt at a Windows version. The MTP_DLL.dll library needs expanding to offer the same API as mtp_libmtp.c, but this needs someone with access to a MS compiler. Ideally we should also stop using a separate DLL and compile a single standalone beastpatcher.exe.
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@@ -50,8 +50,6 @@ The OS X build is a universal binary statically linked with libusb and libmtp.
-[Not yet implemented]
The MTP_DLL.dll requires VC2005 to compile - see instructions in
@@ -59,3 +57,5 @@ To compile beastpatcher itself, you can either cross-compile from
Linux using the mingw32 package, or compile in Cygwin. Just type
"make beastpatcher.exe" (in Linux) or "make" (in Cygwin).
+To run beastpatcher.exe, you need MTP_DLL.dll in the same directory
+(or the Windows DLL path).