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FS#13299: Simplify VBR frame parsing in the metadata decoder.HEADmaster
The old code would seek forward by the frame length, expecting to see a frame header there, perform a validity check, and then seek back to the current header. Unfortunately this doesn't handle situations where there is extra padding between the frames, leading us to potentially read garbage, causing the validity tests to fail and rejecting the file outright. Instead, keep track of the previous valid header/position, and if we find "valid" headers in a row return the first after seeking back to it. This change allows the file referenced in FS13299 to be properly parsed, but further work is needed to get the file to be playable. (file reports itself as layer 1, variable bit rate, variable sample rate!) Change-Id: I85f61a6360cc041a172db4b7a6b5516e5b60ceee
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