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wps.vim : Syntax for Rockbox WPS
Author: Kevin Schoedel Including wps.vim from (which now becomes obsolete), following the following e-mail from the author: Hi, Yes, please do -- I am not doing anything with WPS now and might never again. Take it as GPL or whatever else is convenient. I'll put a note on the page that the version there is obsolete. Regards, Kevin Schoedel git-svn-id: svn:// a1c6a512-1295-4272-9138-f99709370657
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+" __________ __ ___.
+" Open \______ \ ____ ____ | | _\_ |__ _______ ___
+" Source | _// _ \_/ ___\| |/ /| __ \ / _ \ \/ /
+" Jukebox | | ( <_> ) \___| < | \_\ ( <_> > < <
+" Firmware |____|_ /\____/ \___ >__|_ \|___ /\____/__/\_ \
+" \/ \/ \/ \/ \/
+" $Id$
+" Vim syntax file for Rockbox WPS (While Playing Screen) definitions.
+" Copyright (C) 2009 by Kevin Schoedel
+" This program is free software; you can redistribute it and/or
+" modify it under the terms of the GNU General Public License
+" as published by the Free Software Foundation; either version 2
+" of the License, or (at your option) any later version.
+" This software is distributed on an "AS IS" basis, WITHOUT WARRANTY OF ANY
+" KIND, either express or implied.
+if exists("b:current_syntax")
+ finish
+syn case match
+" Highlight trailing white space.
+if exists("c_space_errors")
+ if !exists("c_no_trail_space_error")
+ syn match wpsSpaceError display excludenl "\s\+$"
+ endif
+ if !exists("c_no_tab_space_error")
+ syn match wpsSpaceError display " \+\t"me=e-1
+ endif
+" Comments.
+syn keyword wpsTodo contained TODO FIXME XXX
+syn cluster wpsCommentGroup contains=wpsTodo
+syn region wpsComment start="#" end="$" keepend contains=@wpsCommentGroup,wpsSpaceError,@Spell
+" Delimiters.
+syn match wpsPipeError "|"
+syn match wpsSep "|" contained
+syn match wpsSubline ";"
+syn match wpsPct "%" nextgroup=wpsSpecial,wpsCond,@wpsTag
+" Literals.
+syn match wpsSpecial "[%<|>;#]" contained
+" Conditional test.
+syn match wpsCond "?" nextgroup=@wpsTag
+syn match wpsElse "|" contained
+syn match wpsEndIfError ">"
+syn match wpsIfEndIf "[<>]" contained
+syn region wpsConditions matchgroup=wpsIfEndIf start="<" end=">" skip="%>" contains=wpsElse,wpsConditions,wpsPct,wpsSubline
+hi def link wpsCond wpsConditional
+hi def link wpsIfEndIf wpsConditional
+hi def link wpsElse wpsConditional
+" Tags not otherwise defined (overridden by known tags).
+syn match wpsUnknownTag "\a\+" contained
+syn cluster wpsTag add=wpsUnknownTag
+hi def link wpsUnknownTag wpsTagError
+" Known tags are defined individually, so that the user can classify
+" and colour them differently if desired.
+" %a -- Alignment tags.
+syn match wpsAlignError "a\a" contained
+syn cluster wpsTag add=wpsAlignError
+hi def link wpsAlignError wpsTagError
+syn match wpsAlignTag "a[lcr]" contained
+syn cluster wpsTag add=wpsAlignTag
+hi def link wpsAlignTag wpsTag
+" %b -- Power tags.
+syn match wpsPowerError "b\a" contained
+syn cluster wpsTag add=wpsPowerError
+hi def link wpsPowerError wpsTagError
+syn match wpsPowerTag "b[clpstv]" contained
+syn cluster wpsTag add=wpsPowerTag
+hi def link wpsPowerTag wpsTag
+" %c -- Clock tags.
+syn match wpsClockError "c\a" contained
+syn cluster wpsTag add=wpsClockError
+hi def link wpsClockError wpsTagError
+syn match wpsClockTag "c[abdefklmpuwyHIMPSY]" contained
+syn cluster wpsTag add=wpsClockTag
+hi def link wpsClockTag wpsTag
+" %C -- Album art tags.
+syn match wpsAlbumArtError "C\a" contained
+syn cluster wpsTag add=wpsAlbumArtError
+hi def link wpsAlbumArtError wpsTagError
+syn match wpsDefAlbumArtTag "Cl|"he=e-1 contained contains=wpsSep nextgroup=wpsDefAlbumArtX
+syn match wpsDefAlbumArtX "\d\+|"he=e-1 contained contains=wpsSep nextgroup=wpsDefAlbumArtY
+syn match wpsDefAlbumArtY "\d\+|"he=e-1 contained contains=wpsSep nextgroup=wpsDefAlbumArtW
+syn match wpsDefAlbumArtW "\([lcrs]\?\d\+\)\?|"he=e-1 contained contains=wpsSep nextgroup=wpsDefAlbumArtH
+syn match wpsDefAlbumArtH "\([tcbs]\?\d\+\)\?|"he=e-1 contained contains=wpsSep
+syn cluster wpsTag add=wpsDefAlbumArtTag
+hi def link wpsDefAlbumArtTag wpsAlbumArtTags
+hi def link wpsDefAlbumArtX wpsAlbumArtArgs
+hi def link wpsDefAlbumArtY wpsAlbumArtArgs
+hi def link wpsDefAlbumArtW wpsAlbumArtArgs
+hi def link wpsDefAlbumArtH wpsAlbumArtArgs
+hi def link wpsAlbumArtArgs wpsArgs
+syn match wpsRefAlbumArtTag "C\>" contained
+syn cluster wpsTag add=wpsRefAlbumArtTag
+hi def link wpsRefAlbumArtTag wpsAlbumArtTags
+hi def link wpsAlbumArtTags wpsTag
+" %d -- Directory tags.
+syn match wpsDirError "d\a" contained
+syn match wpsNextDirError "D\a" contained
+syn cluster wpsTag add=wpsDirError,wpsNextDirError
+hi def link wpsDirError wpsTagError
+hi def link wpsNextDirError wpsTagError
+syn match wpsDirTag "d[123]" contained
+syn match wpsNextDirTag "D[123]" contained
+syn cluster wpsTag add=wpsDirTag,wpsNextDirTag
+hi def link wpsDirTag wpsDirTags
+hi def link wpsNextDirTag wpsDirTags
+hi def link wpsDirTags wpsTag
+" %f -- File tags.
+syn match wpsFileError "f\a" contained
+syn match wpsNextFileError "F\a" contained
+syn cluster wpsTag add=wpsFileError,wpsNextFileError
+hi def link wpsFileError wpsTagError
+hi def link wpsNextFileError wpsTagError
+syn match wpsFileTag "f[bcfkmnpsv]" contained
+syn match wpsNextFileTag "F[bcfkmnpsv]" contained
+syn cluster wpsTag add=wpsFileTag,wpsNextFileTag
+hi def link wpsFileTag wpsFileTags
+hi def link wpsNextFileTag wpsFileTags
+hi def link wpsFileTags wpsTag
+" %i -- ID3 tags.
+syn match wpsID3Error "i\a" contained
+syn match wpsNextID3Error "I\a" contained
+syn cluster wpsTag add=wpsID3Error,wpsNextID3Error
+hi def link wpsID3Error wpsTagError
+hi def link wpsNextID3Error wpsTagError
+syn match wpsID3Tag "i[acdgntvykAGC]" contained
+syn match wpsNextID3Tag "I[acdgntvykAGC]" contained
+syn cluster wpsTag add=wpsID3Tag,wpsNextID3Tag
+hi def link wpsID3Tag wpsID3Tags
+hi def link wpsNextID3Tag wpsID3Tags
+hi def link wpsID3Tags wpsTag
+" %l -- LED tags.
+syn match wpsLEDError "l\a" contained
+syn cluster wpsTag add=wpsLEDError
+hi def link wpsLEDError wpsTagError
+syn match wpsLEDTag "l[h]" contained
+syn cluster wpsTag add=wpsLEDTag
+hi def link wpsLEDTag wpsTag
+" %m -- Mode tags.
+syn match wpsModeError "m\a" contained
+syn cluster wpsTag add=wpsModeError
+hi def link wpsModeError wpsTagError
+syn match wpsHoldTag "m[hr]" contained
+hi def link wpsHoldTag wpsTag
+syn cluster wpsTag add=wpsHoldTag
+syn match wpsPlaybackTag "mp" contained
+hi def link wpsPlaybackTag wpsTag
+syn cluster wpsTag add=wpsPlaybackTag
+syn match wpsRepeatTag "mm" contained
+hi def link wpsRepeatTag wpsTag
+syn cluster wpsTag add=wpsRepeatTag
+syn match wpsVolumeTag "mv" contained
+hi def link wpsVolumeTag wpsTag
+syn cluster wpsTag add=wpsVolumeTag
+" %p -- Playlist/Song tags.
+syn match wpsSongError "p\a" contained
+syn cluster wpsTag add=wpsSongError
+hi def link wpsSongError wpsTagError
+syn match wpsSongTag "p[cefmnprstvx]" contained
+syn cluster wpsTag add=wpsSongTag
+hi def link wpsSongTag wpsTag
+syn match wpsProgress6Tag "pb" contained
+syn cluster wpsTag add=wpsProgress6Tag
+hi def link wpsProgress6Tag wpsTag
+syn match wpsProgressTag "pb|" contained contains=wpsSep nextgroup=wpsProgressFile
+syn match wpsProgressFile "[^|]\+|"he=e-1 contained contains=wpsSep nextgroup=wpsProgressX
+syn match wpsProgressX "\(-\|\d\+\)|"he=e-1 contained contains=wpsSep nextgroup=wpsProgressY
+syn match wpsProgressY "\(-\|\d\+\)|"he=e-1 contained contains=wpsSep nextgroup=wpsProgressW
+syn match wpsProgressW "\(-\|\d\+\)|"he=e-1 contained contains=wpsSep nextgroup=wpsProgressH
+syn match wpsProgressH "\(-\|\d\+\)|"he=e-1 contained contains=wpsSep
+syn cluster wpsTag add=wpsProgressTag
+hi def link wpsProgressTag wpsTag
+hi def link wpsProgressFile wpsProgressArgs
+hi def link wpsProgressX wpsProgressArgs
+hi def link wpsProgressY wpsProgressArgs
+hi def link wpsProgressW wpsProgressArgs
+hi def link wpsProgressH wpsProgressArgs
+hi def link wpsProgressArgs wpsArgs
+" %r -- Runtime/Replaygain tags.
+syn match wpsRuntimeError "r\a" contained
+syn cluster wpsTag add=wpsRuntimeError
+hi def link wpsRuntimeError wpsTagError
+syn match wpsRuntimeTag "r[apr]" contained
+syn cluster wpsTag add=wpsRuntimeTag
+hi def link wpsRuntimeTag wpsTag
+syn match wpsReplaygainTag "rg" contained
+syn cluster wpsTag add=wpsReplaygainTag
+hi def link wpsReplaygainTag wpsTag
+" %s -- Scrolling tag.
+syn match wpsScrollError "s\a" contained
+syn cluster wpsTag add=wpsScrollError
+hi def link wpsScrollError wpsTagError
+syn match wpsScrollTag "s\>" contained
+syn cluster wpsTag add=wpsScrollTag
+hi def link wpsScrollTag wpsTag
+" %S -- Settings tags.
+syn match wpsSettingError "S\a" contained
+syn cluster wpsTag add=wpsSettingError
+hi def link wpsSettingError wpsTagError
+syn match wpsSettingTag "St|"he=e-1 contained contains=wpsSep nextgroup=wpsSettingName
+syn match wpsSettingName "[^|]\+|"he=e-1 contained contains=wpsSep
+syn cluster wpsTag add=wpsSettingTag
+hi def link wpsSettingTag wpsTag
+hi def link wpsSettingName wpsSettingArgs
+hi def link wpsSettingArgs wpsArgs
+syn match wpsPitchTag "Sp\>" contained
+syn cluster wpsTag add=wpsPitchTag
+hi def link wpsPitchTag wpsTag
+syn match wpsTranslatedTag "Sx|"he=e-1 contained contains=wpsSep nextgroup=wpsTranslatedText
+syn match wpsTranslatedText "[^|]\+|"he=e-1 contained contains=wpsSep
+syn cluster wpsTag add=wpsTranslatedTag
+hi def link wpsTranslatedTag wpsTag
+hi def link wpsTranslatedText wpsTranslatedArgs
+hi def link wpsTranslatedArgs wpsArgs
+syn match wpsLangIsRtlTag "Sr" contained
+hi def link wpsLangIsRtlTag wpsArgs
+syn cluster wpsTag add=wpsLangIsRTLTag
+" %t -- Alternation tags.
+syn match wpsAlternateError "t" contained
+syn cluster wpsTag add=wpsAlternateError
+hi def link wpsAlternateError wpsTagError
+syn match wpsAlternateTag "t\d"me=e-1 contained contains=wpsSep nextgroup=wpsAlternateTime
+syn match wpsAlternateTime "\d\+\(\.\d+\)\?" contained
+syn cluster wpsTag add=wpsAlternateTag
+hi def link wpsAlternateTag wpsTag
+hi def link wpsAlternateTime wpsAlternateArgs
+hi def link wpsAlternateArgs wpsArgs
+" %V -- Viewport tags.
+syn match wpsViewportError "V\a" contained
+syn cluster wpsTag add=wpsViewportError
+hi def link wpsViewportError wpsTagError
+syn match wpsViewportTag "V|"he=e-1 contained contains=wpsSep nextgroup=wpsViewportX
+syn cluster wpsTag add=wpsViewportTag
+hi def link wpsViewportTag wpsViewportTags
+syn match wpsDefViewportTag "Vl|"he=e-1 contained contains=wpsSep nextgroup=wpsDefViewportId
+syn match wpsDefViewportId "\a|"he=e-1 contained contains=wpsSep nextgroup=wpsViewportX
+syn match wpsViewportX "\d\+|"he=e-1 contained contains=wpsSep nextgroup=wpsViewportY
+syn match wpsViewportY "\d\+|"he=e-1 contained contains=wpsSep nextgroup=wpsViewportW
+syn match wpsViewportW "\(-\|\d\+\)|"he=e-1 contained contains=wpsSep nextgroup=wpsViewportH
+syn match wpsViewportH "\(-\|\d\+\)|"he=e-1 contained contains=wpsSep nextgroup=wpsViewportFont
+syn match wpsViewportFont "[-01]|"he=e-1 contained contains=wpsSep nextgroup=wpsViewportShade,wpsViewportFG
+syn match wpsViewportShade "[-0-3]|"he=e-1 contained contains=wpsSep
+syn match wpsViewportFG "\(-\|\x\{6}\)|"he=e-1 contained contains=wpsSep nextgroup=wpsViewportBG
+syn match wpsViewportBG "\(-\|\x\{6}\)|"he=e-1 contained contains=wpsSep
+syn cluster wpsTag add=wpsDefViewportTag
+hi def link wpsDefViewportId wpsDefId
+hi def link wpsDefViewportTag wpsViewportTags
+hi def link wpsViewportX wpsViewportArgs
+hi def link wpsViewportY wpsViewportArgs
+hi def link wpsViewportW wpsViewportArgs
+hi def link wpsViewportH wpsViewportArgs
+hi def link wpsViewportFont wpsViewportArgs
+hi def link wpsViewportShade wpsViewportArgs
+hi def link wpsViewportFG wpsViewportArgs
+hi def link wpsViewportBG wpsViewportArgs
+hi def link wpsViewportArgs wpsArgs
+syn match wpsRefViewportTag "Vd" nextgroup=wpsRefViewportId
+syn match wpsRefViewportId "\a" contained
+syn cluster wpsTag add=wpsRefViewportTag
+hi def link wpsRefViewportTag wpsViewportTags
+hi def link wpsRefViewportId wpsRefId
+hi def link wpsViewportTags wpsTag
+" %w -- Status bar tags.
+syn match wpsStatusBarError "w\a" contained
+syn cluster wpsTag add=wpsStatusBarError
+hi def link wpsStatusBarError wpsTagError
+syn match wpsStatusBarTag "w[ed]" contained
+syn cluster wpsTag add=wpsStatusBarTag
+hi def link wpsStatusBarTag wpsTag
+" %x -- Image/Crossfade tags.
+syn match wpsImageError "x\a" contained
+syn cluster wpsTag add=wpsImageError
+hi def link wpsImageError wpsTagError
+syn match wpsLoadImageTag "xl|"he=e-1 contained contains=wpsSep nextgroup=wpsLoadImageId
+syn match wpsLoadImageId "\a|"he=e-1 contained contains=wpsSep nextgroup=wpsLoadImageFile
+syn match wpsLoadImageFile "[^|]\+|"he=e-1 contained contains=wpsSep nextgroup=wpsLoadImageX
+syn match wpsLoadImageX "\d\+|"he=e-1 contained contains=wpsSep nextgroup=wpsLoadImageY
+syn match wpsLoadImageY "\d\+|"he=e-1 contained contains=wpsSep
+syn cluster wpsTag add=wpsLoadImageTag
+hi def link wpsLoadImageTag wpsImageTags
+hi def link wpsLoadImageFile wpsImageArgs
+hi def link wpsLoadImageX wpsImageArgs
+hi def link wpsLoadImageY wpsImageArgs
+syn match wpsDefImageTag "xl|"he=e-1 contained contains=wpsSep nextgroup=wpsDefImageId
+syn match wpsDefImageId "\a|"he=e-1 contained contains=wpsSep nextgroup=wpsDefImageFile
+syn match wpsDefImageFile "[^|]\+|"he=e-1 contained contains=wpsSep nextgroup=wpsDefImageX
+syn match wpsDefImageX "\d\+|"he=e-1 contained contains=wpsSep nextgroup=wpsDefImageY
+syn match wpsDefImageY "\d\+|"he=e-1 contained contains=wpsSep nextgroup=wpsDefImageCount
+syn match wpsDefImageCount "\d\+|"he=e-1 contained contains=wpsSep
+syn cluster wpsTag add=wpsDefImageTag
+hi def link wpsDefImageTag wpsImageTags
+hi def link wpsDefImageId wpsDefId
+hi def link wpsDefImageFile wpsImageArgs
+hi def link wpsDefImageX wpsImageArgs
+hi def link wpsDefImageY wpsImageArgs
+hi def link wpsDefImageCount wpsImageArgs
+syn match wpsRefImageTag "xd" nextgroup=wpsRefImageId
+syn match wpsRefImageId "\a" contained nextgroup=wpsRefImageBitmap
+syn match wpsRefImageBitmap "\a" contained
+syn cluster wpsTag add=wpsRefImageTag
+hi def link wpsRefImageTag wpsImageTags
+hi def link wpsRefImageId wpsRefId
+hi def link wpsRefImageBitmap wpsRefId
+hi def link wpsImageTags wpsTag
+hi def link wpsImageArgs wpsArgs
+syn match wpsCrossfadeTag "xf" contained
+syn cluster wpsTag add=wpsCrossfadeTag
+hi def link wpsCrossfadeTag wpsTag
+" %X -- Backdrop tag.
+syn match wpsBackdropError "X\a" contained
+syn cluster wpsTag add=wpsBackdropError
+hi def link wpsBackdropError wpsTagError
+syn match wpsBackdropTag "X|" contained contains=wpsSep nextgroup=wpsBackdropFile
+syn match wpsBackdropFile "[^|]\+|"he=e-1 contained contains=wpsSep
+syn cluster wpsTag add=wpsBackdropTag
+hi def link wpsBackdropTag wpsTag
+hi def link wpsBackdropFile wpsBackdropArgs
+hi def link wpsBackdropArgs wpsArgs
+hi def link wpsDefId wpsIdentifier
+hi def link wpsRefId wpsIdentifier
+hi def link wpsPct wpsOperator
+hi def link wpsSep wpsOperator
+hi def link wpsSubline wpsOperator
+hi def link wpsPipeError wpsError
+hi def link wpsEndIfError wpsError
+hi def link wpsTagError wpsError
+hi def link wpsSpaceError wpsError
+hi def link wpsError Error
+hi def link wpsComment Comment
+hi def link wpsTodo Todo
+hi def link wpsSpecial SpecialChar
+hi def link wpsTag Statement
+hi def link wpsArgs Constant
+hi def link wpsOperator Operator
+hi def link wpsConditional Conditional
+hi def link wpsIdentifier Identifier
+let b:current_syntax = "wps"
+" vim:ts=4 et sts=4 sw=4: