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authorAmaury Pouly <>2013-07-16 19:29:42 +0200
committerAmaury Pouly <>2013-07-16 19:29:42 +0200
commite5de5e09c1ca6788d155393af0d906a9402ea7bc (patch)
tree14aa5a0d78ae96d233bdffe96e3207ba27a4631e /utils/hwstub/lib/hwstub.h
parent5ba7e2ca72412a4e58a76f43738f6309b533e03f (diff)
hwstub: enhance exit protocol and implement on stmp
Rename STOP command to EXIT, introduce ATEXIT, this gives better control over the exit of the stub. Add stmp implementation. Change-Id: I45442c8b88b9330d12ef439417ca5ffa1520477a
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1 files changed, 3 insertions, 2 deletions
diff --git a/utils/hwstub/lib/hwstub.h b/utils/hwstub/lib/hwstub.h
index ed058dfa3b..f89bce5de9 100644
--- a/utils/hwstub/lib/hwstub.h
+++ b/utils/hwstub/lib/hwstub.h
@@ -57,8 +57,9 @@ int hwstub_rw_mem(struct hwstub_device_t *dev, int read, uint32_t addr, void *bu
/* Returns <0 on error */
int hwstub_call(struct hwstub_device_t *dev, uint32_t addr);
int hwstub_jump(struct hwstub_device_t *dev, uint32_t addr);
-/* Returns <0 on error. The size must be a multiple of 16. */
-int hwstub_aes_otp(struct hwstub_device_t *dev, void *buf, size_t sz, uint16_t param);
+/* Returns <0 on error */
+int hwstub_atexit(struct hwstub_device_t *dev, int action);
+int hwstub_exit(struct hwstub_device_t *dev);
const char *hwstub_get_product_string(struct usb_resp_info_stmp_t *stmp);
const char *hwstub_get_rev_string(struct usb_resp_info_stmp_t *stmp);