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authorAmaury Pouly <>2014-04-12 00:08:11 +0200
committerAmaury Pouly <>2014-04-12 00:11:13 +0200
commit238be18d0331a7a87e3ea8ea0d24b78e451357cb (patch)
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parent910235b49a754fcd18157dbd22e125a32b482c9d (diff)
hwstub: add proper PP support
- drop support for PP500x: it's very different from other PP and although it would be possible to support them, I don't have one to test the code - make sure only the CPU is started - add PP descriptor to report chip ID and revision - add code in shell and lua to support pp (no register description yet) - compile for ARMv4 because PP502x is an ARM7TDMI Change-Id: I36c4e465dfc2cfdfe7433b2f65cc8f6f0720fe62
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diff --git a/utils/hwstub/stub/pp/target-config.h b/utils/hwstub/stub/pp/target-config.h
index 0774137277..0cd7c0ccc7 100644
--- a/utils/hwstub/stub/pp/target-config.h
+++ b/utils/hwstub/stub/pp/target-config.h
@@ -1,9 +1,7 @@
#define CONFIG_PP
#define IRAM_ORIG 0x40000000
-#define IRAM_SIZE 0x20000
-#define DRAM_ORIG 0x10f00000
-#define DRAM_SIZE (MEMORYSIZE * 0x100000)
+#define IRAM_SIZE 0xc000
#define CPU_ARM
-#define ARM_ARCH 5
+#define ARM_ARCH 4
#define USB_BASE 0xc5000000
#define USB_NUM_ENDPOINTS 2 \ No newline at end of file