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Add some Makefile rules to demonstrate assembling, linking, converting to binary file and finally converting to a notes .htm file.
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diff --git a/utils/ipod/bin2note/Makefile b/utils/ipod/bin2note/Makefile
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--- a/utils/ipod/bin2note/Makefile
+++ b/utils/ipod/bin2note/Makefile
@@ -12,5 +12,17 @@ all: bin2note
bin2note: bin2note.c
gcc -W -Wall -o bin2note bin2note.c
+test.htm: bin2note test.bin
+ ./bin2note test.bin test.htm
+test.o: test.S
+ arm-elf-as -o $@ $<
+test.elf: test.o
+ arm-elf-ld -e 0 -Ttext=0 -o $@ $<
+test.bin: test.elf
+ arm-elf-objcopy -O binary $< $@
- rm -f bin2note
+ rm -f bin2note test.o test.elf test.bin test.htm
diff --git a/utils/ipod/bin2note/README b/utils/ipod/bin2note/README
index 40f285ccd5..0dbc9e465d 100644
--- a/utils/ipod/bin2note/README
+++ b/utils/ipod/bin2note/README
@@ -10,3 +10,8 @@ It is used to turn a blob of ARM code into an iPod notes file. This
ARM code will then be executed on the iPod.
It is known to work on the 2nd generation Nano.
+The Makefile contains rules for compiling an ARM assembler file
+"test.S" into a notes file "test.htm". Just put test.S in this
+directory and type "make test.htm".