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regtools: update v2 specification, library and tools
A v2 register description file can now include register variants and instances addresses can now be a list (previously it could only be a stride or a formula). Update the library to deal with that. The convert option of swiss_knife was updated and one incompatible change was introduce: if a v1 device has several addresses, those are converted to a single v2 instance with list (instead of several single instances). This should have been the behaviour from the start. Swiss_knife can now also convert regdumps, in which case it needs to be given both the dump and register description file. Also introduce two register descriptions files (vsoc1000 and vsoc2000) which give more complicated examples of v2 register description files. Change-Id: Id9415b8363269ffaf9216abfc6dd1bd1adbfcf8d
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