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Theme Editor: Renderer will not insert a newline at the end of a line if it's the same line in the wps file as the viewport declaration, to avoid forcing the first line of text down past where it belongs if Vf and Vb are used. The parser should be modified to make this unnecessary, when a consensus can be reached on how to do it
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diff --git a/utils/themeeditor/models/parsetreenode.cpp b/utils/themeeditor/models/parsetreenode.cpp
index 08ce703859..3a894a1678 100644
--- a/utils/themeeditor/models/parsetreenode.cpp
+++ b/utils/themeeditor/models/parsetreenode.cpp
@@ -518,7 +518,13 @@ void ParseTreeNode::render(const RBRenderInfo &info, RBViewport* viewport,
for(int i = 0; i < children.count(); i++)
children[i]->render(info, viewport);
- if(!noBreak)
+ /* TODO
+ * The second element of this if is a temporary hack to allow Vf and Vb
+ * tags in a viewport without forcing the first line of text down. A
+ * proper solution to this problem needs to be worked out in the parser
+ * as soon as possible
+ */
+ if(!noBreak && element->line != viewport->declarationLine())
else if(element->type == TEXT)