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Samsung YP-R0/YP-R1: use Linux i2c-dev for radio chip access
Linux offers the high-level i2c-dev driver to directly access the i2c bus(ses) on the system. This system device is used to get rid of the (rather silly) radio chip kernel module for ypr0 target and correctly enables radio access also for the ypr1 target. fm-radio chip is located on i2c-0 bus on the ypr0 target while it is located on i2c-1 bus on the ypr1 target. Power-up (RST) pin is also handled for both targets, which is wired to another GPIO of the i.MX 37 platform. Additionally, this patch simplifies the RDS low-level handling by exploiting the Si4709 debug interface which comes with a mutex protection as free bonus. Change-Id: I839282bec4a27ad0ad8403c5a8dd86963b77e1bf
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