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Added the screenshots for the Sansa Clip Zip manual.
Missing screenshots: Invadrox, which I can't find in the menu, but on IRC they said it's for LCD only, so it should be removed. Pacbox, Rockboy and Zxbox: it's unclear where to find the ROMs. Poor quality image: manual/rockbox_interface/images/sansaclipzip-front.png. It can work, but my “artistic” skills are not enough. Anyway, the information on the picture is correct. All the screenshots were taken using the default theme and the simulator compiled for the Sansa Clip Zip. Change-Id: I779a3b8fbf9a1ab2f12b8f8e6bcf55f2363900ce Reviewed-on: Reviewed-by: Bertrik Sikken <> Reviewed-by: Alex Parker <> Tested-by: Alex Parker <>
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