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Adds support for reverting to the Rockbox default WPS. Note that the rockbox_default.wps is a placeholder file and is never actually loaded - selecting it just causes Rockbox to clear its memory of any installed custom WPS. This means that it works cross platform. Also, small fix to boxes.wps (curse vi) and - support for pure text WPS files.
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# Name of the WPS _including_ extension
Name: ipodVOL.wps
# Name of the creator of the WPS
@@ -14,6 +14,15 @@ Width: 160
+Name: rockbox_default.wps
+Author: Rockbox team
+Font: rockbox_default.fnt
+Statusbar: on
+Height: 2
+Width: 8
Name: boxes.wps
Author: Christi Scarborough (after the_engineer)
Font: rockbox_default.fnt
@@ -21,12 +30,3 @@ Statusbar: off
Height: 128
Width: 160
-Name: default.wps
-Author: Rockbox team
-Font: rockbox_default.fnt
-Statusbar: on
-Height: 64
-Width: 112