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Several fixes for the cabbiev2 theme. (1) Rename the files used for the rwps and change the WPSLIST so that it is done the same way as for iCatcher and .rwps files are actually included in the zip. (2) Replace the Iaudio rwps background which was taken fron the unicode version before with the correct one. (3) Fix the e200 wps to look like the author intended and with the progressbar at the right spot. (4) Make the 160x128 greyscale version use the helvR10 font as the colour version does. This also fixes a potential issue with the Iaudio rwps. (5) Clean up the WPSLIST a bit and drop (hopefully) unnecessary definitions. I guess it could be even simplified some more, someone with a bit perl foo should look into this. -- (3) and (4) taken from the last entries in FS#8443 by Apoo Maha.
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