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Fixes sundry problems with the WPS bundling script. For best results, delete your .rocbox/wps and ./rockbox/themes dirs before upgrading. Note that within CVS, no distinction is made any more between a .wps and .rwps, that's all fixed up at make zip stage. wpses are now all named with a .<width>x<height>x<depth> suffix and the appropriate ones for the platform are installed. Text wpses have a .txt suffix.
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-# Marquee full information WPS, with Rockbox status bar
-# for use with Chicago12 font
-%ac %?pn<%t10%s%pn|%?ia<%s%ia|%s%d2>> ;%ac %?pn<%?ia<%t10%s%ia|%t10%s%d2>|%t0>
-%ac %s%?id<%id|%d1>%?iy< (%iy)|>
-%ac %s%?it<%it|%fn>
-%al %pc%ac%pp/%pe%ar%pt
-%t5%ac%fb %fc %?fv<vbr|>;%t5%ac%s genre: %?ig<%ig|unknown> ;%t10%ac%s %?It<up: %It/|%?Fn<up: %Fn/|%fb%fc%?fv<vbr|>>>%?Id<%Id|%D1>
-%pm \ No newline at end of file