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Add fms to cabbiev2 by default
Currently we have only fms for 160x128x2 and all others will fallback to built in one. Change-Id: I43efa2795e1ab62185e2e25b6c8c4979c87c4299
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@@ -71,6 +71,7 @@ Name: cabbiev2
# Real name of the creator of the WPS
Authors: Johannes Voggenthaler, Apoo Maha, Marc Guay, Alex Vanderpol, Jerry Lange, Keith Perri, Mark Fawcus, and Marianne Arnold with support from Rockbox developers and forums. Based on Cabbie by Yohann Misquitta.
WPS: yes
+FMS: yes
RWPS: yes
SBS: no
RSBS: no
@@ -100,6 +101,9 @@ wps.128x64x1: cabbiev2.128x64x1.wps
wps.112x64x1: cabbiev2.112x64x1.wps
wps.96x96x16: cabbiev2.96x96x16.wps
+# override implicit .fms filename
+fms.160x128x2: cabbiev2-160x128x2.fms
# Preferred font (including .fnt extension - leave blank for player):
Font.800x480x16: 35-Adobe-Helvetica.fnt
Font.480x800x16: 35-Adobe-Helvetica.fnt