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First-Time Guide to Rockbox Development
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+<h2>First Time Guide to Rockbox Development</h2>
+ Welcome to our humble project.
+ In order to get your hands dirty as quickly and smoothly as possible, here
+follows our suggest approach!
+<h2>Join the Rockbox Community</h2>
+ Mail: We have a very active <a href="/mail/">developers mailing list</a> no
+serious Rockbox freak can live without.
+ IRC: There's always a bunch of friendly and helpful people around in the
+ <a href="/irc/">IRC channel</a>.
+<h2>Setup Your Environment</h2> <p>
+ You need a cross-compiler and linker to build the code. Pick one of these:
+ Linux (or any other unix-like OS: <a href="/cross-gcc.html">Building the cross compiler</a>. This
+describes how to build and install gcc for sh1.
+ Windows: (the recommended way) <a href="">Setup a cygwin Rockbox development environment</a> (uses approx 7.5MB)
+ Windows: (the other way) <a href="/sh-win/">Setting up the gnush cross compiler</a>
+<h2>Get The Source</h2>
+ Get a fresh source to build Rockbox from. We usually recommend you get the
+sources fresh from the CVS repo (<a href="/cvs.html">How to use CVS</a>), but
+you can also get a <a href="/daily.shtml">daily tarball</a> or even the <a
+href="/download/">latest released source package</a>.
+<h2>Build Rockbox</h2>
+ Build rockbox using your aquired sources! If you're using Linux or the
+suggested cygwin approach, read <a href="how_to_compile.html">How to compile
+ Also note that we have put a whole lot of effort in writing simulators so
+that you can build, run and try code on your host PC before you build and
+download your target version. This of course requires a working compiler for
+your native system.
+<h2>Change Rockbox</h2>
+ You fixed any bugs? You added any features? Then <a href="patch.html">make a
+patch</a> and head over to the <a
+and submit it. Of course, you can also check the <a href="/bugs.shtml">open
+bugreports</a> and jump in and fix one of them (or possibly <a
+a new bug report</a>.
+ Regularly checking the open <a href="/requests.shtml">feature-requests</a>
+gives a picture of what people want to see happen and what is left to add...
+ You'll be better off with a sourceforge account for most bugreport and
+feature-request work.
+#include "foot.t"