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Features now in wiki, iriver boots
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Ondio MP3 players.
<p> Rockbox is a complete rewrite and uses no fragments of the original
-firmware. It boasts <a href="/docs/features.html">numerous features</a> while
-remaining <a href="/twiki/pub/Main/RockboxManual/rockbox-manual-2.4.pdf">easy
-to use</a>.
+firmware. It boasts <a href="/twiki/bin/view/Main/FeatureComparison">numerous
+features</a> while remaining <a
+href="/twiki/pub/Main/RockboxManual/rockbox-manual-2.4.pdf">easy to use</a>.
<p> Installing Rockbox does not harm your Archos, it works the same way you
upgrade your ordinary Archos firmware.
+<p><i>2005-02-08</i>: <a
+href="">Evidence</a> of
+Rockbox <a
+href="">booting</a> on <a
<p><i>2004-12-23</i>: Rockbox v2.4 is <a href="download/">released</a>.
<p><i>2004-12-17</i>: Rockbox started from <a href="/twiki/bin/view/Main/FlashingRockbox">flash ROM</a> finally available for players.