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7. Known issues, limitations<br>
8. Movies and images<br>
+<h2>What is Flashing</h2>
+<p> Flashing in the sense used here and elsewhere in regard to Rockbox, means
+reprogramming the flash memory of the Archos unit. Flash memory (sometimes
+called "flash RAM") is a type of constantly-powered nonvolatile memory that
+can be erased and reprogrammed. It is a variation of electrically erasable
+programmable read-only memory (EEPROM).
+ When you bought Your Archos, it came with the Archos firmware flashed. Now,
+you can replace the built-in software with Rockbox.
<h2>1. What is this about?</h2>
This package contains tools to update the flash content of Archos Jukebox