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<p><i>2004-12-16</i>: The <a href="/twiki/bin/view/Main/RockboxManual">Rockbox 2.3 manual</a> is out. Thanks go to Christi Alice Scarborough for her outstanding work!
-<p><i>2004-11-09</i>: Some downtime due to planned server maintenance (replaced a harddisk).
-<p><i>2004-11-01</i>: The site was down nearly four days due to hardware failure while the admins were away.
-<p><i>2004-10-26</i>: Rockbox v2.3 is <a href="download/">released</a>.
-<p><i>2004-10-26</i>: iRiver progress: the LCD driver <a href="/twiki/bin/view/Main/IriverPort#Writing_an_LCD_driver_">is working</a>!
-<p><i>2004-10-05</i>: Call for help: We need information from Ondio owners for our <a href="/twiki/bin/view/Main/ArchosOndio">Archos Ondio port</a>.
-<p><i>2004-10-01</i>: Touchdown! The Coldfire BDM wiggler is working on the iHP-120 target! Time for some sweet GDB debugging...
-<p><i>2004-09-24</i>: We finally have, thanks to Jeff at Misticriver.
<p><i><small>(Old news items have moved to a
<a href="history.html">separate page</a>.)</small></i>