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&nbsp;<a href="/rockbox/"><img src="/rockbox/rockbox100.png" width=99 height=30 border=0></a>&nbsp;<br>
<p align="right">
-<a class="menulink" href="/rockbox/">Main page</a><br>
+<a class="menulink" href="/rockbox/">main page</a><br>
+<a class="menulink" href="/rockbox/download.html">download</a><br>
<a class="menulink" href="/rockbox/docs/FAQ">FAQ</a><br>
<a class="menulink" href="/rockbox/notes.html">research notes</a><br>
<a class="menulink" href="/rockbox/docs/">data sheets</a><br>
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<p>The purpose of this project is to write an Open Source replacement
firmware for the Archos Jukebox <i>6000</i>, <i>Studio</i> and <i>Recorder</i> MP3 players.
-#include "activity.html"
-<p><i>2002-05-27</i>: All v1.0 code is written. We are now entering debug phase.
-<p><i>2002-05-26</i>: New web design. First player release drawing closer.
-<p><i>2002-05-03</i>: <b>SOUND!</b> Linus' experimental MAS code has
-<a href="">played our first 4 seconds of music</a>.
-<p><i>2002-04-27</i>: Julien Labruyre has generously donated an Archos Jukebox 6000 to the project. Thank you!
-<p><i>2002-04-25</i>: Grant Wier has tested the Player LCD's double-height capability:
-<a href="archos-text-DH1.jpg"><img align=center src="archos-text-DH2_sm.jpg"></a>
-<p><i>2002-04-23</i>: Report from the <a href="devcon/">Rockbox Spring Developer Conference 2002</a> ;-)
-<p><i>2002-04-22</i>: Gentlemen, we have <a href="">threading</a>.
-<p><i>2002-04-11</i>: The <a href="codes_rec.png">Recorder charset</a> has been mapped.
-<p><i>2002-03-28</i>: Lots of new stuff on the web page:
-<a href="docs/FAQ">faq</a>,
-<a href="irc/">irc logs</a>,
-<a href="tools.html">tools</a> and
-<a href="internals/">photos</a>.
-<p><i>2002-03-25</i>: New section for
-<a href="mods/">hardware modifications</a>.
-First out is the long awaited
-<a href="mods/serialport.html">serial port mod</a>.
-<p><i>2002-03-25</i>: New instructions for
-<a href="cross-gcc.html">how to build an SH-1 cross-compiler</a>.
+<p><i>2002-06-01</i>: Version 1.0 is released! <a href="download.html">Download it here</a>.
-<p><i>2002-03-14</i>: New linux patch and instructions for
-<a href="lock.html">unlocking the archos harddisk</a> if you have the "Part. Error" problem.
+<p><i>2002-06-01</i>: Web site has been down three days due to a major power loss.
-<p><i>2002-03-08</i>: Uploaded a simple example, showing
-<a href="example/">how to build a program for the Archos</a>.
+<p><i>2002-05-27</i>: All v1.0 code is written, we are now entering debug phase.
+If you like living on the edge, <a href="daily.shtml">here are daily builds</a>.
-<p><i>2002-03-05</i>: The
-<a href="lock.html">harddisk password lock problem is solved</a>!
-Development can now resume at full speed!
+<p><i><small>(Old news items have moved to a
+<a href="history.t">separate page</a>.)</small></i>
-<p><i>2002-01-29</i>: If you have feature requests or suggestions,
-please submit them to our
-<a href="">Sourceforge page</a>.
-<p><i>2002-01-19</i>: Cool logo submitted by Thomas Saeys.
-<p><i>2002-01-16</i>: The project now has a proper name: Rockbox.
-Logos are welcome! :-)
-<br>Also, Felix Arends wrote a quick <a href="sh-win/">tutorial</a>
-for how to get sh-gcc running under windows.
-<p><i>2002-01-09</i>: Nicolas Sauzede
-<a href="mail/rockbox-archive-2002-01/0096.shtml">found out</a>
-how to
-<a href="mail/rockbox-archive-2002-01/0099.shtml">display icons and custom characters</a> on the Jukebox LCD.
-<p><i>2002-01-08</i>: The two LCD charsets have been
-<a href="notes.html#charsets">mapped and drawn</a>.
-<a href="mail/rockbox-archive-2002-01/0026.shtml">Jukebox LCD code</a>.
-I have written a small test program that scrolls some text on the display.
-You need
-<a href="mail/rockbox-archive-2002-01/att-0026/01-archos.mod.gz">this file</a>
-for units with ROM earlier than 4.50 and
-<a href="mail/rockbox-archive-2002-01/att-0050/02-archos.mod.gz">this file</a>
-for all others. (The files are gzipped, you need to unzip them before they will work.)
-<p><i>2001-12-29</i>: Recorder LCD code. Gary Czvitkovicz knew the Recorder LCD controller since before and wrote some
-<a href="mail/rockbox-archive-2001-12/att-0145/">code</a>
-that writes text on the Recorder screen.
-<p><i>2001-12-13</i>: First program
-<a href="mail/rockbox-archive-2001-12/0070.shtml">released</a>!
-A 550 bytes long
-<a href="mail/rockbox-archive-2001-12/att-0070/01-archos.mod">archos.mod</a>
-that performs the amazing magic of flashing the red LED. :-)
-<p><i>2001-12-11</i>: Checksum algorithm solved, thanks to Andy Choi. A new "scramble" utility is available.
-<p><i>2001-12-09</i>: Working my way through the setup code. The <a href="notes.html">notes</a> are being updated continously.
+<p>We have a mailing list:
+To subscribe, send a message to <a href=""></a> with the words "subscribe rockbox" in the body.
-<p><i>2001-12-08</i>: Analyzed the exception vector table. See <a href="notes.html">the notes</a>. Also, a <a href="mail.cgi">mailing list archive</a> is up.
+<p>This is a rough indication of which features we plan/expect/hope to be
+included in which versions. Naturally, this is all subject to change without
- I just wrote this web page to announce descramble.c.
-I've disassembled one firmware version and looked a bit on the code, but no real analysis yet.
-Summary: Lots of dreams, very little reality. :-)
+<dt><b>Version 1.1</b>
+<dd>Playlist support, scrolling, UI improvements
-<p>I've set up a mailing list:
-To subscribe, send a message to <a href=""></a> with the words "subscribe rockbox" in the body.
+<dt><b>Version 1.2</b>
+<dd>Recorder support, UI improvements
+<dt><b>Version 1.3</b>
+<dd>Resume, persistent settings, autobuild playlists, UI improvements
<h2>About the hardware</h2>