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We want a broken iriver device
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+<p><i>2004-03-11</i>: Version 2.2 is <a href="/download/">released</a>
<p><i>2004-02-05</i>: Rockbox can play <a href="/docs/rvf.html">video</a>, with sound
<p><i>2003-12-04</i>: Version 2.1 is <a href="/download/">released</a>
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@@ -15,6 +15,8 @@ upgrade your ordinary Archos firmware.
+<p><i>2004-09-13</i>: Call for help! Please donate your broken iRiver iHP-1xx to the project!
<p><i>2004-07-08</i>: Good news for Windows users! You can now install the <a href=/daily.shtml>daily builds</a> with an installer executable. Thanks to Christi Scarborough for that.
<p><i>2004-06-17</i>: We now have a <a href="/twiki">Wiki</a> for the documentation. Feel free to join the documentation frenzy!
@@ -23,8 +25,6 @@ upgrade your ordinary Archos firmware.
<p><i>2004-03-14</i>: Rockbox can <a href="/lang/">talk</a> to you
-<p><i>2004-03-11</i>: Version 2.2 is <a href="/download/">released</a>
<p><i><small>(Old news items have moved to a
<a href="history.html">separate page</a>.)</small></i>