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+<p><i>2005-06-06</i>: Rockbox plays MP3 and Ogg Vorbis music on the iRiver
+ H1xx.
+<p><i>2005-02-08</i>: <a
+href="">Evidence</a> of
+Rockbox <a
+href="">booting</a> on <a
<p><i>2004-12-23</i>: Rockbox v2.4 is <a href="download/">released</a>.
<p><i>2004-12-17</i>: Rockbox started from <a href="/twiki/bin/view/Main/FlashingRockbox">flash ROM</a> finally available for players.
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+<p><i>2005-09-19</i>: An oldish backup restored, work in progress on getting pages more up-to-date. Mailing lists are up again, but check that you are still subscribed!
<p><i>2005-09-17</i>: Some nice gentleman deleted our entire Wiki (and more) using a security hole in TWiki. The mailing list is also dead until we sort this out.
<p><i>2005-08-24</i>: Linus ran his first <a href=/twiki/bin/view/Main/IriverBDM>BDM session</a> on his H320.
@@ -28,15 +30,6 @@ href="">Fe
Freeze</a> starting on August 22nd, aiming at releasing Rockbox 2.5 on
September 5.
-<p><i>2005-06-06</i>: Rockbox plays MP3 and Ogg Vorbis music on the iRiver
- H1xx.
-<p><i>2005-02-08</i>: <a
-href="">Evidence</a> of
-Rockbox <a
-href="">booting</a> on <a
<p><i><small>(Old news items have moved to a
<a href="history.html">separate page</a>.)</small></i>