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<h2>Submitting new patches</h2>
-<a name="rules">
-<h3>Rules for bug reporting:</h3>
-<li> Check that the bug hasn't already been reported
-<li> Always include the following information in your bug report:
- <ul>
- <li> Which exact model Archos you have (as printed on the unit)
- <li> Which exact ROM firmware version you have
- <li> Which exact Rockbox version you are using (Menu->Version)
- <li> A link to the data that malfunctions, if applicable (IMPORTANT!)
- </ul>
-<li>If you have a Sourceforge account, log in before you file the report.
-<li>If you don't have a SF account, sign the report with your email.
-<p><a href="">Click here to submit a new bug report</a>.
+<p>See the document
+<a href="/docs/patch.html">How To Work With Patches</a>
+for complete instructions on how to prepare and submit patches.
#include "foot.t"