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@@ -124,19 +124,24 @@ A16. Firstly, we wouldn't start something like this if we didn't simply enjoy
being on the list does not mean it isn't a neat idea. Bring it to
the list.
-Q17. I don't see you mentioning ogg files on your list of ideas. What about
- supporting those?
-A17. At the current time we belive this is not very likely (though
- we are not completely closing out this possibility). The Micronas
- chip (MAS3507) decoder in the archos does not natively support ogg
- decoding and there is very little program space in the player to
+Q17. I don't see you mentioning other file types on your list of ideas. What
+ about supporting those?
+A17. Pessimist's Answer: At the current time we belive this is not very likely
+ The Micronas chip (MAS3507) decoder in the archos does not natively
+ support decoding and there is very little program space in the player to
implement it ourselves. The alternative would be to write a software
decoder as part of the RockBox firmware. However, as much as we love
our players, the computing power of the Archos (SH1 microcontroller) is
- not fully sufficent for this need (Once again, this is not a definative
- no. The world is full of brilliant people. We just aren't hunting
- down all the ones not already involved with the project right this
- instant).
+ not fully sufficent for this need.
+ Optimist's Answer: We can play any format if only we can write code for
+ the DSP to decode it. The MAS 3507 (and 3587) are generic DSPs that
+ simply have MP3 codecs in ROM. We can download new codecs in them and
+ we will be the first to celebrate if we can get OGG or FLAC or anything
+ into these DSPs. Unfortunately, we have no docs or tools for writing new
+ MAS DSP code and Intermetall is very secretive about it. If anyone can
+ help, please get in touch!
Q18. What about supporting playing of wav files?
A18. No Bill. We have no intention of that. Go buy your own project.
@@ -200,3 +205,52 @@ A26: If you ask that again, I'm sending your address and phone number to the
Q27: Umm, was that sarcasm?
A27: That's it, I'm mailing him now.
+Q28: Is that legal? I mean, I'd just hate to see something like that
+ challenged under the DMCA in all its ridiculousness. Any thoughts or
+ ideas?
+A28: We believe we are in the green on this. We are not violating anyone's
+ copyright and we are not circumventing any copy protection scheme.
+ This has been a big point for the project since its inception. Some
+ people wanted us to distribute patched versions of the original firmware,
+ but seeing as that _would_ have violated Archos' copyright, we didn't
+ follow that course of action.
+Q29: On the website [and various information postings] you state
+ "Every tiny bit was reverse engineered, disassembled and then
+ re-written from scratch".
+ If it was rewritten from scratch then why was it first reverse-engineered
+ and disassembled? Instead this sounds more like someone disassembled it
+ then used the understanding that they gained to create a new version,
+ which is not quite the same as "from scratch".
+A29: Don't confuse the terms.
+ Reverse engineering means examining a product to find out how it works.
+ Disassembling the firmware is merely one tool used in that examination.
+ Oscilloscopes and logic analyzers are other tools we have used.
+ We have written every single byte of the Rockbox firmware. But we could
+ not have written the software without first researching how the hardware
+ was put together, i.e. reverse engineer it.
+ All of this is completely legal. If you define "from scratch" as writing
+ software without first researching the surrounding interfaces, then no
+ software has ever been written from scratch.
+Q30: Wait a minute here. You have release version 1.0, but not a single one
+ of the ideas you have spoken about is actually implimented! Calling this
+ version 1.0 is really misleading. Whats the story?!
+A30: It is true that Rockbox 1.0 lacks most of the feature set that every
+ sane user wants. However, we never said it was more feature-complete or
+ better in any way then the original firmware at this early point.
+ This first release was done as a proof of concept that our ideas are
+ moving in the right direction. We also hope that it helps bring the
+ project some attention, and some additional developers. Adding the
+ missing features is just a matter of time (and that time goes
+ faster if you, yes you, help too).