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New definition for Old Recorders
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- <a name=footnote1></a><i>(1) The old recorders have firmware 1.17 or earlier</i>
+ <a name=footnote1></a><i>(1) It is hard to tell if the recorder is old, but the Rec6 and Rec10 are old. I don't yet know about the Rec15.</i>
<a name=footnote2></a><i>(2) The old player has a limited LCD with no
support for double line height and only four user definable characters
- instead of eight</i>
+ instead of eight.</i>
<a name=footnote3></a><i>(3) The early V2 models were in fact FM
- Recorders in disguise, so they had the FM radio still mounted</i>
+ Recorders in disguise, so they had the FM radio still mounted.</i>
#include "foot.t"