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@@ -18,6 +18,11 @@ to use PictureFlow. In addition, there are some other points of which to be
+ \item First an album index must be built, If you have a lot of albums/artists
+ this could take a while, any button cancels the process and quits pictureflow.
+ \item You don't have to wait for the albumart search to finish, you can press
+ any button and the albumart will be searched in the background.
+ \item Pictureflow checks for updated albumart (in background) on every restart
\item PictureFlow will accept album art larger than the dimensions of the
screen, but the larger the dimensions, the longer they will take to scale.
@@ -160,11 +165,14 @@ aware:
centre slide. Therefore if set to 4, there will be 3 slides on the left,
the centre slide, and then 3 slides on the right.
\item[Zoom.] Changes the distance at which slides are rendered from the ``camera''.
- \item[Show album title.] Allows setting the album title to be shown above or
- below the cover art, or not at all.
+ \item[Show album title.] Allows setting the album title / artist to be
+ shown above or below the cover art, or not at all.
\item[Resize Covers.] Set whether to automatically resize the covers or to leave
them at their original size.
\item[Rebuild cache.] Rebuild the PictureFlow cache. This is needed in order
for PictureFlow to pick up new albums, and may occasionally be needed if albums
are removed.
+ \item[Update cache.] Update the PictureFlow cache. New albumart will be added.
+ \item[WPS integration.] Integrate pictureflow with the While Playing Screen.
+ \item[Backlight.] Force backlight on while running pictureflow.