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2 files changed, 35 insertions, 22 deletions
diff --git a/apps/onplay.c b/apps/onplay.c
index e7f7e589db..6f29df57cb 100644
--- a/apps/onplay.c
+++ b/apps/onplay.c
@@ -477,7 +477,18 @@ MAKE_ONPLAYMENU( wps_playlist_menu, ID2P(LANG_PLAYLIST),
/* CONTEXT_[TREE|ID3DB] playlist options */
static bool add_to_playlist(int position, bool queue)
- bool new_playlist = !(audio_status() & AUDIO_STATUS_PLAY) && (global_status.resume_index == -1 || playlist_resume() == -1);
+ bool new_playlist = false;
+ if (!(audio_status() & AUDIO_STATUS_PLAY))
+ {
+ if (position == PLAYLIST_REPLACE)
+ {
+ new_playlist = true;
+ position = PLAYLIST_INSERT;
+ }
+ else if (global_status.resume_index == -1 || playlist_resume() == -1)
+ new_playlist = true;
+ }
const char *lines[] = {
@@ -594,7 +605,7 @@ static int treeplaylist_callback(int action,
/* insert items */
playlist_insert_func, (intptr_t*)PLAYLIST_INSERT,
- NULL, Icon_Playlist);
+ treeplaylist_callback, Icon_Playlist);
playlist_insert_func, (intptr_t*)PLAYLIST_INSERT_FIRST,
treeplaylist_wplayback_callback, Icon_Playlist);
@@ -630,7 +641,7 @@ MENUITEM_FUNCTION(q_last_shuf_pl_item, MENU_FUNC_USEPARAM,
/* replace playlist */
playlist_insert_func, (intptr_t*)PLAYLIST_REPLACE,
- treeplaylist_wplayback_callback, Icon_Playlist);
+ NULL, Icon_Playlist);
/* others */
MENUITEM_FUNCTION(view_playlist_item, 0, ID2P(LANG_VIEW),
@@ -680,11 +691,17 @@ static int treeplaylist_callback(int action,
return action;
+ else if (this_item == &i_pl_item)
+ {
+ if (global_status.resume_index != -1)
+ return action;
+ }
else if (this_item == &i_shuf_pl_item)
- if ((audio_status() & AUDIO_STATUS_PLAY) ||
- (selected_file_attr & ATTR_DIRECTORY) ||
- ((selected_file_attr & FILE_ATTR_MASK) == FILE_ATTR_M3U))
+ if ((global_status.resume_index != -1) &&
+ ((audio_status() & AUDIO_STATUS_PLAY) ||
+ (selected_file_attr & ATTR_DIRECTORY) ||
+ ((selected_file_attr & FILE_ATTR_MASK) == FILE_ATTR_M3U)))
return action;
diff --git a/manual/working_with_playlists/main.tex b/manual/working_with_playlists/main.tex
index 96fb259414..dbbeefc7d6 100644
--- a/manual/working_with_playlists/main.tex
+++ b/manual/working_with_playlists/main.tex
@@ -48,10 +48,10 @@ song.
rather than erasing the current
playlist, see the section below on how to add music to a playlist.}
-\subsubsection{By using Insert and Queue functions}
-If a dynamic playlist has finished playing, the \setting{Insert} and
-\setting{Queue} functions as described in \ref{ref:playlist_submenu} will
-\emph{replace} the playlist with the selected tracks instead of adding to it.
+\subsubsection{By using the Play Next function}
+The \setting{Play Next} function as described in \ref{ref:playlist_submenu} will
+\emph{replace} the dynamic playlist with the selected tracks. If a track is
+currently playing, it is only removed once it’s finished playing.
\subsubsection{\label{ref:playlist_catalogue}By using the Playlist catalogue}
The \setting{Playlist catalogue} makes it possible to modify and create
@@ -74,15 +74,12 @@ in the \setting{Main Menu}. The created playlist will be named
\fname{root.m3u8} and saved in the root of your \daps{} disk.
\subsection{Adding music to playlists}
\subsubsection{\label{ref:playlist_submenu}Adding music to a dynamic playlist}
\screenshot{rockbox_interface/images/ss-playlist-menu}{The Playlist Submenu}{}
The \setting{Playlist Submenu} is a submenu in the \setting{Context Menu} (see
\reference{ref:Contextmenu}), it allows you to put tracks into a
-``dynamic playlist''. If the current playlist has finished playing, Rockbox will
-create a new dynamic playlist and put the selected track(s) into it.
-If there is music currently playing, Rockbox will put the
-selected track(s) into the current playlist. The place in which the newly
+``dynamic playlist''. The place in which the newly
selected tracks are added to the playlist is determined by the following
@@ -90,8 +87,7 @@ options:
\item [Insert.] Add track(s) immediately after any tracks added via the most
recent \setting{Insert} operation. If no tracks have yet been added via an
\setting{Insert}, new tracks will be added immediately after the current
- playing track. If a dynamic playlist has finished playing,
- it will be \emph{replaced} by the selected track(s).
+ playing track.
\item [Insert Next.] Add track(s) immediately after current playing
track, no matter what else has been inserted.
@@ -106,17 +102,17 @@ options:
deleted immediately from the playlist after they have been played. Also,
queued tracks are not saved to the playlist file (see
\item [Queue Next.] Queue track(s) immediately after current playing track.
\item [Queue Last.] Queue track(s) at end of playlist.
\item [Queue Shuffled.] Queue track(s) in a random order.
\item [Queue Last Shuffled.] Queue tracks in a random order at the end of the playlist.
-\item [Play Next.] Replaces all but the current playing track with track(s).
- Current playing track is queued.
+\item [Play Next.] Replaces all tracks in the dynamic playlist.
+If a track is currently playing, it is only removed once it’s finished playing.
The \setting{Playlist Submenu} can be used to add either single tracks or
@@ -126,7 +122,7 @@ On the other hand, if the \setting{Playlist Submenu} is invoked on a
directory, Rockbox adds all of the tracks in that directory to the
-\note{You can control whether or not Rockbox includes the contents of
+\note{You can control whether or not Rockbox includes the contents of
subdirectories when adding an entire directory to a playlist. Set the
\setting{Settings $\rightarrow$ General Settings $\rightarrow$ Playlist
$\rightarrow$ Recursively Insert Directories} setting to \setting{Yes} if