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@@ -14,16 +14,16 @@ create the database from your music files. This typically takes around
this is happenning. You can even shut down your player and resume the
database building process next time you turn it on.
To force the initial database to be built, go to the main menu, then
- \setting{General Settings $\rightarrow$ Playback $\rightarrow$ Force tag cache update}.
+ \setting{General Settings $\rightarrow$ File View $\rightarrow$ Force tag cache update}.
The Tag Cache database can either be kept on disk (to save memory), or
loaded into RAM (for fast browsing). This configuration option can be
- found in \setting{General Settings $\rightarrow$ Playback $\rightarrow$ Tag cache}.
+ found in \setting{General Settings $\rightarrow$ File View $\rightarrow$ Tag cache}.
Once the database has been built, you can browse your music using this
database. To use the database change the show mode by changing the
- \setting{General Settings $\rightarrow$ File view $\rightarrow$ Show files} option to
+ \setting{General Settings $\rightarrow$ File View $\rightarrow$ Show files} option to
\setting{ID3 database}. This disables the File Browser and instead of the file
browser you will now access the database.