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+This folder contains the java parts needed to build an Rockbox as an
+application for android.
+* Build instructions
+Until there's a script which does all the work the procedure is documented here.
+First, make sure you have the ANDROID_NDK_PATH environment variable set up,
+otherwise configure will fail to find the compiler.
+Use this as your build folder, using '../tools/configure' etc.
+ $ ../tools/configure
+ $ make
+After the build finished, you need to copy to libs/armeabi/.
+ $ cp libs/armeabi
+For the other files (codecs, themes), you execute 'make zip'. Then you copy the
+zip to libs/armeabi, using the name This is needed, since there's no
+way to bundle stuff into apk's and have access to them from native code other
+than pretending it was a library.
+ $ make zip
+ $ cp lib/armeabi/
+, will be unpacked at runtime.
+To finish, you can follow this guide [1], or use eclipse. Simply install eclipse
+and the android plugins, then import this folder as a new Android project and run it.
+See [2] for a guide on how to set up eclipse for android development.