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diff --git a/apps/codecs/libmusepack/decoder.h b/apps/codecs/libmusepack/decoder.h
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--- a/apps/codecs/libmusepack/decoder.h
+++ b/apps/codecs/libmusepack/decoder.h
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#include "reader.h"
#include "streaminfo.h"
+// define this to enable/disable support for streamversion SV4-6
//#define MPC_SUPPORT_SV456
+// SCF_HACK is used to avoid possible distortion after seeking with mpc files
+// background: scf's are coded differential in time domain. if you seek to the
+// desired postion it might happen that the baseline is missed and the resulting
+// scf is much too high (hissing noise). this hack uses the lowest scaling until
+// a non-differential scf could be decoded after seek. through this hack subbands
+// are faded out until there was at least a single non-differential scf found.
#define SCF_HACK
enum {