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diff --git a/apps/core_keymap.h b/apps/core_keymap.h
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--- a/apps/core_keymap.h
+++ b/apps/core_keymap.h
@@ -34,13 +34,6 @@
/* Allocates core buffer, copies keymap to allow buttons for actions to be remapped*/
int core_set_keyremap(struct button_mapping* core_keymap, int count);
-/* open_key_remap(filename , *fd (you must close file_descriptor), *fsize)
- * checks/strips header and returns remaining count
- * fd is opened and set to first record
- * filesize contains the size of the remaining records
-int open_key_remap(const char *filename, int *fd, size_t *filesize);
/* load a remap file to allow buttons for actions to be remapped */
int core_load_key_remap(const char *filename);