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diff --git a/apps/cuesheet.h b/apps/cuesheet.h
index e8d77ca3a9..31841dacf6 100644
--- a/apps/cuesheet.h
+++ b/apps/cuesheet.h
@@ -51,11 +51,18 @@ struct cuesheet {
struct cue_track_info *curr_track;
-/* looks if there is a cuesheet file that has a name matching "trackpath" */
-bool look_for_cuesheet_file(const char *trackpath, char *found_cue_path);
+struct cuesheet_file {
+ char path[MAX_PATH];
+ int size;
+ off_t pos;
+ enum character_encoding encoding;
+/* looks if there is a cuesheet file with a name matching path of "track_id3" */
+bool look_for_cuesheet_file(struct mp3entry *track_id3, struct cuesheet_file *cue_file);
-/* parse cuesheet "file" and store the information in "cue" */
-bool parse_cuesheet(char *file, struct cuesheet *cue);
+/* parse cuesheet_file "cue_file" and store the information in "cue" */
+bool parse_cuesheet(struct cuesheet_file *cue_file, struct cuesheet *cue);
/* reads a cuesheet to find the audio track associated to it */
bool get_trackname_from_cuesheet(char *filename, char *buf);