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diff --git a/apps/gui/list.h b/apps/gui/list.h
index 38d7e95f8d..b54e7d7f5b 100644
--- a/apps/gui/list.h
+++ b/apps/gui/list.h
@@ -25,6 +25,7 @@
#include "config.h"
#include "icon.h"
#include "screen_access.h"
+#include "skin_engine/skin_engine.h"
#define SCROLLBAR_WIDTH global_settings.scrollbar_width
@@ -173,6 +174,27 @@ extern bool gui_synclist_item_is_onscreen(struct gui_synclist *lists,
extern bool gui_synclist_do_button(struct gui_synclist * lists,
int *action,
enum list_wrap);
+#if defined(HAVE_LCD_BITMAP) && !defined(PLUGIN)
+struct listitem_viewport_cfg {
+ struct wps_data *data;
+ char* label;
+ int width;
+ int height;
+ int xmargin;
+ int ymargin;
+ bool tile;
+ struct skin_viewport selected_item_vp;
+bool skinlist_draw(struct screen *display, struct gui_synclist *list);
+bool skinlist_is_selected_item(void);
+void skinlist_set_cfg(enum screen_type screen,
+ struct listitem_viewport_cfg *cfg);
+const char* skinlist_get_item_text(void);
+enum themable_icons skinlist_get_item_icon(void);
+bool skinlist_needs_scrollbar(enum screen_type screen);
+void skinlist_get_scrollbar(int* nb_item, int* first_shown, int* last_shown);
+int skinlist_get_line_count(enum screen_type screen, struct gui_synclist *list);
/* this needs to be fixed if we ever get more than 1 touchscreen on a target */