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diff --git a/apps/pcmbuf.h b/apps/pcmbuf.h
index 819d5011cf..ffd62ed1b6 100644
--- a/apps/pcmbuf.h
+++ b/apps/pcmbuf.h
@@ -21,10 +21,6 @@
#define PCMBUF_TARGET_CHUNK 32768 /* This is the target fill size of chunks
on the pcm buffer */
-#define PCMBUF_MINAVG_CHUNK 24576 /* This is the minimum average size of
- chunks on the pcm buffer (or we run out
- of buffer descriptors, which is
- non-fatal) */
#define PCMBUF_MIN_CHUNK 4096 /* We try to never feed a chunk smaller than
this to the DMA */
#define PCMBUF_MIX_CHUNK 8192 /* This is the maximum size of one packet
@@ -54,9 +50,9 @@ void pcmbuf_play_start(void);
bool pcmbuf_crossfade_init(bool manual_skip);
void pcmbuf_set_event_handler(void (*callback)(void));
void pcmbuf_set_position_callback(void (*callback)(size_t size));
+size_t pcmbuf_free(void);
unsigned int pcmbuf_get_latency(void);
void pcmbuf_set_low_latency(bool state);
-bool pcmbuf_insert_buffer(const char *buf, size_t length);
void pcmbuf_write_complete(size_t length);
void* pcmbuf_request_buffer(size_t length, size_t *realsize);
void* pcmbuf_request_voice_buffer(size_t length, size_t *realsize, bool mix);