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+frotz is quite portable and is divided into 'common' and os-specific files.
+The common files are included here with minimal modifications. For the
+os-specific files I have started with dumbfrotz, the port intended for a plain
+C stdio system - it has its own screen buffering which is needed for rockbox.
+Things that work
+Games, mostly! If the game is too large to fit in the plugin buffer it will
+stop playback and steal the audio buffer.
+Saving and restoring (/path/to/story.sav, no filename selection).
+Transcripts, command records and replays (likewise).
+Undo, up to the limit of available memory (the rest of the plugin buffer if
+the game fit there, or the rest of the audio buffer if not).
+Timed input, though it resets the timer when you enter the menu and only
+counts until you enter the keyboard.
+Input line preloading, though the actual displayed line after editing looks
+Things that don't work because I've not implemented it
+Reading buttons that don't appear on the rockbox keyboard.
+Audible beeps (just a splash for now).
+Setting the random seed.
+Things which don't work in the original frotz anyway
+Mouse and menus.
+Non-beep sound samples.