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+Wolf4SDL by Moritz "Ripper" Kroll (
+Original Wolfenstein 3D by id Software (
+GP2X support by Pickle
+Source and Windows Binary:
+GP2X Binary:,0,0,0,20,2479
+See main README.txt
+Directional: these are mapped to the arrow keys.
+A : mapped to space, which opens doors
+B : mapped to left shift, which enables running. Also mapped
+ to key n, for the NO response in the menu.
+X : mapped to left control, which enables shooting.
+Y : mapped to the number keys, to select weapons. It cycles
+ through each weapon in order. Also mapped to key y, for
+ the YES responses in the menu.
+** NOTE: In "enter text" mode each button sends its letter,
+ for example a=a, y=y
+Select: mapped to the escape key
+Start: mapped to the enter key
+Select+Start: mapped to pause
+Shoulder Left: this is mapped in a way to strafe left
+Shoulder Right: this is mapped in a way to strafe right
+** NOTE: If you press both the left and right shoulder buttons the statusbar
+ will be shown in the fullscreen mode described above.
+Volume Buttons: raise and lower the volume.
+Either Volume Button + Select: show fps
+Either Volume Button + Start: take a screenshot
+** NOTE: The directional stick is given precedence over the strafe keys.
+ For example if you hold the shoulder right to strafe right and you
+ then move the stick right you will stop strafing and turn. If you
+ then release the stick you will resume strafing the right.
+ (I've tested this and it seems to work fairly well)
+Pick your Wolf4SDL binary and copy the files at the root of the zip to any
+folder together with the data files of the according game (e.g. *.WL6 for
+Wolfenstein 3D or *.SOD for Spear of Destiny).
+The binaries do not restart the GP2X menu application.
+If you use GMenu2x, select the wrapper option for your icon.
+If you use the GPH menu, you will have to create your own script to restart it.
+Compiling from source code:
+I used the Code::Blocks dev kit. (,0,0,0,14,2295)
+You can use the template example. Add all of the source files to the project.
+Under build options (pick your GP2X compilier) and under "Compilier Settings"
+-> "Defines" add GP2X. Just press the build button.
+The Makefile should also work for linux type environments, although I have
+not tried it this way. If you use it, the GP2X define should be added to the
+Makefile using CFLAGS += -DGP2X.
+I also added the compiler flags
+"-fmerge-all-constants -ffast-math -funswitch-loops"
+which give a good performance increase.
+For Code::Blocks put this line in "Compiler Settings" - "Other Options".
+The game runs good at 200 Mhz.