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+Wolf4SDL\DC 1.7
+ported to Dreamcast by dcbasic
+A port of Wolf4SDL by Moritz "Ripper" Kroll.
+What's new in 1.7:
+- See Changes-dc.txt
+- Extract the Wolf4SDL\DC archive to it's own folder.
+- Put your *.wl6 files inside /cd/data/wolf3d (if you have a commercial CD-ROM
+ release of Wolfenstein you can skip this step).
+- If you want to use the command line, create a text file called 'args.txt'
+ (without quotes) in the /cd/data/wolf3d folder and add any valid
+ arguments. Please keep them on one line.
+- Download and install BootDreams (
+- Open the folder you extracted Wolf4SDL\DC to in BootDreams.
+- Select a task. If you'd like to burn Wolf4SDL\DC directly to a CD-R, select
+ the CDRecord task and set the disc format to either Audio\Data or Data\Data
+ (both do essentially the same thing).
+- Click Process.
+- If you created a CD image, burn it with the appropriate burning program
+ e.g. Alcohol 120%.
+- Pop the CD-R in your Dreamcast and play.
+- If you have a commercial CD-ROM, wait until you're asked to swap in your
+ copy of Wolfenstein 3D, swap your copy in, press start and play.
+Valid Arguments:
+--goobers (Wolfenstein 3D only)
+--debugkeys (Spear of Destiny only)
+--goodtimes (Spear of Destiny only)
+--tedlevel <level>
+--res <width> <height> (default 320x200)
+--resf <width> <height>
+--bits <screen_bits> (default 8)
+--extravbls <vbls>
+--samplerate <rate> (default 11025)
+--audiobuffer <size> (default 4096)
+- The --res argument will also except '640 400' but will slow rendering down
+ greatly. The width must be a multiple of 320 and the height must be a
+ multiple of 200 or 240.
+- The --resf argument will force the passed screen resolution but may result
+ in graphic corruption.
+- The default samplerate is 11025 to keep the extra SOD missions from running
+ out of memory. Wolfenstein 3D and the original SOD mission will happily run
+ with the samplerate set to 22050.
+- The --dblbuf argument works but slows speed down by about 10 frames.
+This port was developed under Code::Blocks 8.02 with the DC Dev ISO R4
+integrated within it. I've also included a Makefile in case you don't use
+Code::Blocks. You will need SDL and SDL mixer to compile Wolf4SDL\DC.
+DC Dev ISO can be downloaded from here:
+It contains everything you need to compile Wolf4SDL. It includes Code::Blocks
+8.02 and a tool to integrate Code::Blocks with DC Dev ISO. It uses Cygwin as
+the terminal environment and includes the DC compilers and all the SDL
+libraries that are needed to compile Wolf4SDL.
+To compile Wolf4SDL\DC under Code::Blocks, extract the source to it's own
+folder, open 'Wolf4SDL-DC.cbp' and goto 'Build' | 'Build'.
+To compile Wolf4SDL\DC using the supplied Makefile, extract the source to it's
+own directory in C:\cygwin\usr\local\dc and type 'make -f Makefile.dc' in your
+terminal while inside the folder Wolf4SDL\DC was extracted to. By default the
+Makefile will create a scrambled 1ST_READ.BIN, unscrambled Wolf4SDL.bin and of
+course, Wolf4SDL.elf.
+Credits & Thanks:
+- OneThiryt8 for which parts of this port was based on his port, sdlWolf
+- BlueCrab who wrote parts of the swap disc menu
+- BlackAura for which I stole parts of his menu code from nxDoom
+- Ripper for such a clean and friendly Wolfenstein 3D engine
+- Bero for the Dreamcast port of SDL, which this port uses
+- Dan Potter and team for KOS, which this port uses