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+#ifndef __FMOPL_H_
+#define __FMOPL_H_
+#include "wl_def.h"
+#define HAS_YM3812 1
+/* --- select emulation chips --- */
+#define BUILD_YM3812 (HAS_YM3812)
+#define BUILD_YM3526 (HAS_YM3526)
+#define BUILD_Y8950 (HAS_Y8950)
+/* select output bits size of output : 8 or 16 */
+#define OPL_SAMPLE_BITS 16
+/* compiler dependence */
+#ifndef OSD_CPU_H
+#define OSD_CPU_H
+typedef unsigned char UINT8; /* unsigned 8bit */
+typedef unsigned short UINT16; /* unsigned 16bit */
+typedef unsigned int UINT32; /* unsigned 32bit */
+typedef signed char INT8; /* signed 8bit */
+typedef signed short INT16; /* signed 16bit */
+typedef signed int INT32; /* signed 32bit */
+#if (OPL_SAMPLE_BITS==16)
+typedef INT16 OPLSAMPLE;
+typedef INT8 OPLSAMPLE;
+typedef void (*OPL_TIMERHANDLER)(int channel,double interval_Sec);
+typedef void (*OPL_IRQHANDLER)(int param,int irq);
+typedef void (*OPL_UPDATEHANDLER)(int param,int min_interval_us);
+typedef void (*OPL_PORTHANDLER_W)(int param,unsigned char data);
+typedef unsigned char (*OPL_PORTHANDLER_R)(int param);
+#if BUILD_YM3812
+typedef void device_t;
+void *YM3812Init(device_t *junk, UINT32 clock, UINT32 rate);
+void YM3812Shutdown(void *chip);
+void YM3812ResetChip(void *chip);
+int YM3812Write(void *chip, int a, int v);
+unsigned char YM3812Read(void *chip, int a);
+void YM3812Mute(void *chip,int channel,bool mute);
+int YM3812TimerOver(void *chip, int c);
+void YM3812UpdateOne(void *chip, INT16 *buffer, int length);
+// not used
+//void YM3812SetTimerHandler(void *chip, OPL_TIMERHANDLER TimerHandler, int channelOffset);
+//void YM3812SetIRQHandler(void *chip, OPL_IRQHANDLER IRQHandler, int param);
+//void YM3812SetUpdateHandler(void *chip, OPL_UPDATEHANDLER UpdateHandler, int param);
+#if BUILD_YM3526
+** Initialize YM3526 emulator(s).
+** 'num' is the number of virtual YM3526's to allocate
+** 'clock' is the chip clock in Hz
+** 'rate' is sampling rate
+int YM3526Init(int num, int clock, int rate);
+/* shutdown the YM3526 emulators*/
+void YM3526Shutdown(void);
+void YM3526ResetChip(int which);
+int YM3526Write(int which, int a, int v);
+unsigned char YM3526Read(int which, int a);
+int YM3526TimerOver(int which, int c);
+** Generate samples for one of the YM3526's
+** 'which' is the virtual YM3526 number
+** '*buffer' is the output buffer pointer
+** 'length' is the number of samples that should be generated
+void YM3526UpdateOne(int which, INT16 *buffer, int length);
+void YM3526SetTimerHandler(int which, OPL_TIMERHANDLER TimerHandler, int channelOffset);
+void YM3526SetIRQHandler(int which, OPL_IRQHANDLER IRQHandler, int param);
+void YM3526SetUpdateHandler(int which, OPL_UPDATEHANDLER UpdateHandler, int param);
+#if BUILD_Y8950
+/* Y8950 port handlers */
+void Y8950SetPortHandler(int which, OPL_PORTHANDLER_W PortHandler_w, OPL_PORTHANDLER_R PortHandler_r, int param);
+void Y8950SetKeyboardHandler(int which, OPL_PORTHANDLER_W KeyboardHandler_w, OPL_PORTHANDLER_R KeyboardHandler_r, int param);
+void Y8950SetDeltaTMemory(int which, void * deltat_mem_ptr, int deltat_mem_size );
+int Y8950Init (int num, int clock, int rate);
+void Y8950Shutdown (void);
+void Y8950ResetChip (int which);
+int Y8950Write (int which, int a, int v);
+unsigned char Y8950Read (int which, int a);
+int Y8950TimerOver (int which, int c);
+void Y8950UpdateOne (int which, INT16 *buffer, int length);
+void Y8950SetTimerHandler (int which, OPL_TIMERHANDLER TimerHandler, int channelOffset);
+void Y8950SetIRQHandler (int which, OPL_IRQHANDLER IRQHandler, int param);
+void Y8950SetUpdateHandler (int which, OPL_UPDATEHANDLER UpdateHandler, int param);
+#endif /* __FMOPL_H_ */