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+// ID_VH.H
+#define WHITE 15 // graphics mode independant colors
+#define BLACK 0
+#define FIRSTCOLOR 1
+#define SECONDCOLOR 12
+#define F_WHITE 15
+#define F_BLACK 0
+#define F_FIRSTCOLOR 1
+#define F_SECONDCOLOR 12
+#define MAXSHIFTS 1
+typedef struct
+ int16_t width,height;
+} pictabletype;
+typedef struct
+ int16_t height;
+ int16_t location[256];
+ int8_t width[256];
+} fontstruct;
+extern pictabletype *pictable;
+extern pictabletype *picmtable;
+extern byte fontcolor,backcolor;
+extern int fontnumber;
+extern int px,py;
+#define SETFONTCOLOR(f,b) fontcolor=f;backcolor=b;
+// mode independant routines
+// coordinates in pixels, rounded to best screen res
+// regions marked in double buffer
+void VWB_DrawPropString (const char *string);
+void VWB_DrawTile8 (int x, int y, int tile);
+void VWB_DrawTile8M (int x, int y, int tile);
+void VWB_DrawTile16 (int x, int y, int tile);
+void VWB_DrawTile16M (int x, int y, int tile);
+void VWB_DrawPic (int x, int y, int chunknum);
+void VWB_DrawPicScaledCoord (int x, int y, int chunknum);
+void VWB_DrawMPic(int x, int y, int chunknum);
+void VWB_Bar (int x, int y, int width, int height, int color);
+#define VWB_BarScaledCoord VL_BarScaledCoord
+void VWB_Plot (int x, int y, int color);
+#define VWB_PlotScaledCoord VW_Plot
+void VWB_Hlin (int x1, int x2, int y, int color);
+void VWB_Vlin (int y1, int y2, int x, int color);
+#define VWB_HlinScaledCoord VW_Hlin
+#define VWB_VlinScaledCoord VW_Vlin
+void VH_UpdateScreen();
+#define VW_UpdateScreen VH_UpdateScreen
+// wolfenstein EGA compatability stuff
+#define VW_Shutdown VL_Shutdown
+#define VW_Bar VL_Bar
+#define VW_Plot VL_Plot
+#define VW_Hlin(x,z,y,c) VL_Hlin(x,y,(z)-(x)+1,c)
+#define VW_Vlin(y,z,x,c) VL_Vlin(x,y,(z)-(y)+1,c)
+#define VW_DrawPic VH_DrawPic
+#define VW_WaitVBL VL_WaitVBL
+#define VW_FadeIn() VL_FadeIn(0,255,gamepal,30);
+#define VW_FadeOut() VL_FadeOut(0,255,0,0,0,30);
+#define VW_ScreenToScreen VL_ScreenToScreen
+void VW_MeasurePropString (const char *string, word *width, word *height);
+#define LatchDrawChar(x,y,p) VL_LatchToScreen(latchpics[0],((p)&7)*8,((p)>>3)*8*64,8,8,x,y)
+#define LatchDrawTile(x,y,p) VL_LatchToScreen(latchpics[1],(p)*64,0,16,16,x,y)
+void LatchDrawPic (unsigned x, unsigned y, unsigned picnum);
+void LatchDrawPicScaledCoord (unsigned scx, unsigned scy, unsigned picnum);
+void LoadLatchMem (void);
+void VH_Startup();
+boolean FizzleFade (SDL_Surface *source, int x1, int y1,
+ unsigned width, unsigned height, unsigned frames, boolean abortable);
+#define NUMLATCHPICS 100
+extern SDL_Surface *latchpics[NUMLATCHPICS];