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+#ifndef _VERSION_H_
+#define _VERSION_H_
+#ifndef VERSIONALREADYCHOSEN // used for batch compiling
+#ifndef DATADIR
+#define DATADIR "/.rockbox/wolf3d/"
+/* Defines used for different versions */
+//#define SPEAR
+//#define SPEARDEMO
+//#define UPLOAD
+#define GOODTIMES
+//#define APOGEE_1_0
+//#define APOGEE_1_1
+//#define APOGEE_1_2
+ Wolf3d Full v1.1 Apogee (with ReadThis) - define CARMACIZED and APOGEE_1_1
+ Wolf3d Full v1.4 Apogee (with ReadThis) - define CARMACIZED
+ Wolf3d Full v1.4 GT/ID/Activision - define CARMACIZED and GOODTIMES
+ Wolf3d Shareware v1.0 - define UPLOAD and APOGEE_1_0
+ Wolf3d Shareware v1.1 - define CARMACIZED and UPLOAD and APOGEE_1_1
+ Wolf3d Shareware v1.2 - define CARMACIZED and UPLOAD and APOGEE_1_2
+ Wolf3d Shareware v1.4 - define CARMACIZED and UPLOAD
+ Spear of Destiny Full and Mission Disks - define CARMACIZED and SPEAR
+ (and GOODTIMES for no FormGen quiz)
+ Spear of Destiny Demo - define CARMACIZED and SPEAR and SPEARDEMO
+//#define USE_FEATUREFLAGS // Enables the level feature flags (see bottom of wl_def.h)
+//#define USE_SHADING // Enables shading support (see wl_shade.cpp)
+//#define USE_DIR3DSPR // Enables directional 3d sprites (see wl_dir3dspr.cpp)
+//#define USE_FLOORCEILINGTEX // Enables floor and ceiling textures stored in the third mapplane (see wl_floorceiling.cpp)
+//#define USE_HIRES // Enables high resolution textures/sprites (128x128)
+//#define USE_PARALLAX 16 // Enables parallax sky with 16 textures per sky (see wl_parallax.cpp)
+//#define USE_CLOUDSKY // Enables cloud sky support (see wl_cloudsky.cpp)
+//#define USE_STARSKY // Enables star sky support (see wl_atmos.cpp)
+//#define USE_RAIN // Enables rain support (see wl_atmos.cpp)
+//#define USE_SNOW // Enables snow support (see wl_atmos.cpp)
+//#define FIXRAINSNOWLEAKS // Enables leaking ceilings fix (by Adam Biser, only needed if maps with rain/snow and ceilings exist)
+#define DEBUGKEYS // Comment this out to compile without the Tab debug keys
+#define PLAYDEMOLIKEORIGINAL // When playing or recording demos, several bug fixes do not take
+ // effect to let the original demos work as in the original Wolf3D v1.4
+ // (actually better, as the second demo rarely worked)