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diff --git a/apps/recorder/jpeg_load.h b/apps/recorder/jpeg_load.h
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--- a/apps/recorder/jpeg_load.h
+++ b/apps/recorder/jpeg_load.h
@@ -32,6 +32,13 @@
#ifndef _JPEG_LOAD_H
#define _JPEG_LOAD_H
+/* Approximate memory overhead required for JPEG decoding. This memory is
+ * taken from the bitmap buffer so you must ensure the buffer is big enough
+ * to contain all decoded pixel data plus decoder overhead, otherwise the
+ * image cannot be loaded. After the image is loaded this extra memory can
+ * be freed. */
+extern const size_t JPEG_DECODE_OVERHEAD;
int read_jpeg_file(const char* filename,
struct bitmap *bm,
int maxsize,