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@@ -123,10 +123,10 @@ A19: Okay, last time. No. We have no problems whatsoever reading different
data directly to the DAC.
Q20. What is the most recent version of Rockbox?
-A20. We recently released version 2.1, so head on over to
+A20. We recently released version 2.2, so head on over to and pull it down.
Make sure to read the release notes.
- (
+ (
Q21. What do you plan to add to coming versions?
A21. We don't plan versions in detail. We just write code, and when it feels
@@ -377,7 +377,7 @@ A60: We currently support four different hardware platforms: Players, Recorder
For each platform, Rockbox is released in three versions: Release, Daily
Build and Bleeding Edge. These only differ in release frequency.
- The Release version (currently 2.1) is a frozen known-good state. This
+ The Release version (currently 2.2) is a frozen known-good state. This
means that we are confident that few, if any, significant bugs reside
within the code for that version. This is the version for the common
@@ -677,3 +677,14 @@ A76: It means you have more files in a single directory than you have
configured Rockbox to support. See Q53.
Solution: Increase the "max files in dir browser" setting.
+ The current official release (2.2) contains a bug that sets
+ the default buffer setting to 0, giving the dir buffer full error.
+ Solution:
+ 1) Change the limit in the settings
+ 2) Exit the menu back to the browser
+ 3) Force a disk spinup. There are several ways: either select
+ another setting for the file filter, or insert the USB and extract
+ it again
+ 4) Turn it off and on again