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@@ -792,10 +792,11 @@ bool is_backlight_on(bool ignore_always_off)
-int kbd_input(char* buffer, int buflen)
+int kbd_input(char* buffer, int buflen, unsigned short *kbd)
\group misc
\param buffer
\param buflen
+ \param *kbd
\return 0 upon success, negative upon failure
\description Prompt for a string to be stored in =buffer= which is of length =buflen=
@@ -1513,6 +1514,11 @@ void pcm_stop_recording(void)
\conditions defined(HAVE_RECORDING)
+struct playlist_info *playlist_get_current(void)
+ \group playback control
+ \return pointer to current playlist
+ \description
int playlist_amount(void)
\group playback control
\return the number of tracks in current playlist