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@@ -1430,11 +1430,6 @@ void pcm_init_recording(void)
\conditions defined(HAVE_RECORDING)
-bool pcm_is_paused(void)
- \group sound
- \return true if playback is paused, else false
- \description
bool pcm_is_playing(void)
\group sound
\return true unless playback is paused
@@ -1451,14 +1446,9 @@ void pcm_play_lock(void)
\group sound
-void pcm_play_pause(bool play)
- \group sound
- \param play
- \description Pauses or unpauses the playback depending on the truth value of =play=
void pcm_play_stop(void)
\group sound
- \description Stops the playback and empties the audio buffer unlike [F[pcm_play_pause]]
+ \description Stops the playback and empties the audio buffer.
void pcm_play_unlock(void)
\group sound