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@@ -145,18 +145,24 @@ A19: Okay, last time. No. We have no problems whatsoever reading different
data directly to the DAC.
Q20. What is the most recent version of Rockbox?
-A20. We recently released version 1.4, so head on over to
+A20. We recently released version 2.0, so head on over to and pull it down.
Make sure to read the release notes.
- (
+ (
Q21. What do you plan to add to coming versions?
A21. We have a rough idea of which features we plan/expect/hope to be included
in which versions. Once again, remember that none of this is written in
stone (noticing a pattern yet?)
- Version 2.0
- Recording, Autobuild playlists, File/directory management
+ Version 2.1
+ Lots of features and fixes that were held off for 2.0
+ Version 2.2
+ User interface overhaul
+ Version 2.3
+ Plugin loader, opening the door for a bucketful of new applications
Q22. I tried one of your firmware files and now I can't access my hard disk!
When I turn on my jukebox, it says:
@@ -356,7 +362,7 @@ A51: Stop! Here is all the information about that (if you still have
please make the mp3 file available for one of the developers to try out.
- The 300-byte limit is subject to be removed in a future version
- (Actually, it is already removed in post-1.4 versions)
+ (Actually, it was removed in post-1.4 versions)
Q52: Where exactly did the name 'Rockbox' come from?
A52: Well you can follow the full line of emails at
@@ -475,7 +481,7 @@ A62: There are really only two versions of Rockbox. One for Players and one
available for download. These would be Releases, Daily Builds, and
Bleeding Edge.
- The Release version (currently 1.4) has a fixed feature set. This means
+ The Release version (currently 2.0) has a fixed feature set. This means
that we are confident that few, if any, significant bugs still reside
within the code/features of that 'version'. This is the version for the
common user.