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diff --git a/firmware/include/file_internal.h b/firmware/include/file_internal.h
index 5893737833..d62b5a8541 100644
--- a/firmware/include/file_internal.h
+++ b/firmware/include/file_internal.h
@@ -28,55 +28,14 @@
#include "mutex.h"
#include "mrsw_lock.h"
#include "fs_attr.h"
+#include "fs_defines.h"
#include "fat.h"
#include "dircache.h"
-/** Tuneable parameters **/
-/* limits for number of open descriptors - if you increase these values, make
- certain that the disk cache has enough available buffers */
-#define MAX_OPEN_FILES 11
-#define MAX_OPEN_DIRS 12
-/* internal functions open streams as well; make sure they don't fail if all
- user descs are busy; this needs to be at least the greatest quantity needed
- at once by all internal functions */
-#define AUX_FILEOBJS 3
-#define AUX_FILEOBJS 2
-/* number of components statically allocated to handle the vast majority
- of path depths; should maybe be tuned for >= 90th percentile but for now,
- imma just guessing based on something like:
- root + 'Music' + 'Artist' + 'Album' + 'Disc N' + filename */
-#define MAX_COMPNAME 260
-/* unsigned value that will also hold the off_t range we need without
- overflow */
-#define file_size_t uint32_t
-#ifdef __USE_FILE_OFFSET64
-/* if we want, we can deal with files up to 2^32-1 bytes-- the full FAT16/32
- range */
-#define FILE_SIZE_MAX (0xffffffffu)
-/* file contents and size will be preserved by the APIs so long as ftruncate()
- isn't used; bytes passed 2^31-1 will not accessible nor will writes succeed
- that would extend the file beyond the max for a 32-bit off_t */
-#define FILE_SIZE_MAX (0x7fffffffu)
-/* if file is "large(ish)", then get rid of the contents now rather than
- lazily when the file is synced or closed in order to free-up space */
-#define O_TRUNC_THRESH 65536
/* default attributes when creating new files and directories */