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1 files changed, 20 insertions, 14 deletions
diff --git a/firmware/target/mips/mmu-mips.h b/firmware/target/mips/mmu-mips.h
index 7e1e36d3f4..f96ddcc28d 100644
--- a/firmware/target/mips/mmu-mips.h
+++ b/firmware/target/mips/mmu-mips.h
@@ -28,19 +28,25 @@ void map_address(unsigned long virtual, unsigned long physical,
unsigned long length, unsigned int cache_flags);
void mmu_init(void);
-void __idcache_invalidate_all(void);
-void __icache_invalidate_all(void);
-void __dcache_invalidate_all(void);
-void __dcache_writeback_all(void);
-void dma_cache_wback_inv(unsigned long addr, unsigned long size);
-#define commit_discard_idcache __idcache_invalidate_all
-#define commit_discard_icache __icache_invalidate_all
-#define commit_discard_dcache __dcache_invalidate_all
-#define commit_dcache __dcache_writeback_all
+/* Commits entire DCache */
+void commit_dcache(void);
+/* Commit and discard entire DCache, will do writeback */
+void commit_discard_dcache(void);
+/* Write DCache back to RAM for the given range and remove cache lines
+ * from DCache afterwards */
+void commit_discard_dcache_range(const void *base, unsigned int size);
+/* Write DCache back to RAM for the given range */
+void commit_dcache_range(const void *base, unsigned int size);
+ * Remove cache lines for the given range from DCache
+ * will *NOT* do write back except for buffer edges not on a line boundary
+ */
+void discard_dcache_range(const void *base, unsigned int size);
+/* Discards the entire ICache, and commit+discards the entire DCache */
+void commit_discard_idcache(void);
#endif /* __MMU_MIPS_INCLUDE_H */