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+ cRSID by Hermit (Mihaly Horvath) - Year 2022
+ --------------------------------------------
+This is a serious integer-only update (rewrite) to my cSID and cSID-light
+commandline SID-players, aiming for an ongoing inclusion into RockBox,
+as per a request by Ninja earlier at CSDb. He will do the integration.
+The name now contains the 'R' because now a RealSID-like environment-mode
+(CIA, VIC, IRQ, NMI) is supported more-or-less ('RealSIDmode' in source).
+There are still many RSID tunes that are not played properly, mainly
+the tricky ones which use DC04 or DD0C as jump-addresses or RTI placeholders,
+like for example 'Hi Fi Sky', and other modern digi tunes.
+I don't feel like debugging these complex tunes now...
+PSID-only playback has improved a lot since cSID-light-1.1,
+and now many PlaySID-digis are supported as well if that still matters.
+The CPU and ADSR went through serious timing improvements,
+it's now can be called cycle-exact, and hardrestarts and delaybugs are now
+simulated well, no missed notes, whatever.
+This release also contains shared and static library forms for better
+inclusion in other SID-playback projects (like FlexSID for example).
+I completely eliminated global variables and definitions, except a
+'cRSID_c64' instance which is for faster access of struct members.
+(Emulated C64 memory accesses are made to this for faster operation.)
+More info (the API for the library) is seen in the 'libcRSID.h' file.
+It has been tried already on a SanDisk RockBox device and tunes not
+containing digis are already played on it fine. Tunes with 2SID/3SID or
+digis however are too much for the player (38MHz..192MHz ARM) at this form.
+So maybe the code will be optimized by eliminating overheads of structs,
+pointers, optimizing function-calls, inlining, and by other possible means.
+Hopefully in the near future the outdated TinySID engine will be replaced
+in the RockBox source-tree...
+License is still WTF: Do what the fuck you want with this code, but
+ it would be nice mentioning me as the original author.